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The iQ3Solar platform along with the dedicated and patented degradation sensors is a game changer for PV system operators. It offers the operators unsupervised monitoring and decision recommendations for the PV park, minimizing human error. Data from existing equipment, satellites, and proprietary sensors are taken through a series of proprietary, AI-ML algorithms so that the health and performance of PV assets, as well as insights on how to optimize PV parks is presented to the operators and the owners.

Key features of the iQ3Solar solution include:
- Ultra sensitive (5 times more sensitive) potential induced degradation detection through the proprietary and patented (USA and Europe) patent.
- Early detection and classification of faults and degradations so that the operators will know they have a problem and what the problem is. Eliminates issues and problems that go unnoticed.
- Intelligent action recommendations for the operators that are obtained through data driven techno-economic analysis.
- Increased power generation, less maintenance, and operation expenses for PV park owners
- Designed for the O&M segment of the PV market

With iQ3Solar, PV system operators can optimize their field operations and increase revenue. Contact us today to learn more.


iQ3Solar LTD has its origins in award winning research conducted at the University of Cyprus. Through funding and support from the Cyprus Seeds program the pre-commercialization efforts (for the project named SOLEX) started in 2020. Specifically, the development of the prototype, filing for patent protection for USA and Europe, and exploring the market opportunities [Read More]

In 2022, the team was awarded an extremely competitive (only 6 out of 120 applications) €100.000 pre-seed funding from the Research and Innovation Foundation (RIF) of Cyprus to start the company in order to develop and commercialize the innovative iQ3Solar solution. The RIF project, "Intelligent platform for photovoltaic park operation maintenance" (IQ-THREE),commenced on November 1, 2022 and lasts for 18 months. The company is deep into product development in order to release its first product to the market by the end of 2023.

iQ3Solar is based in Limassol, Cyprus and is housed in the ARIS (A Really Inspiring Place) Accelerator, powered by Deloitte.

For more information about iQ3Solar and the IQ-THREE project, please contact us. 

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2019 - 2021

2019: Proof of principle experiments Application for Patent Funded by Cyprus Seeds (70k) through the project SOLEX at the University of Cyprus. 

2022: Publishing of research work, presenting at Conferences, preparation for commercialization out of the University.


July: Becomes part of the 10th round of egg (enter, go, grow) the most successful accelerator in Greece. Expanding our network in Greece and to the Balkan region that closely collaborates with egg. 

September: Awarded US Patent for PID sensor.

November: Funding from the Research and Innovation Foundation (RIF) PRE-SEED program for the “Creation and Initial Development of Startups with International Orientation”. Grant award number: PRE-SEED/1221/0095.

October: IQ3SOLAR LIMITED incorporated with four founders with over 20 years of combined managerial, and technological research experience in the photovoltaic field.

November: First part is good. its good keep as it is.

December: Certified as an Innovative SME in Cyprus which provides tax incentives for prospective investors.


February: Joined Techisland Cyprus. This is the largest non profit IT association and networking in Cyprus providing opportunities to attract angel investors.

April: Decision to grant European Patent for the degradation sensor by the EPO (European Patent Office).

May: iQ3SOLAR signs worldwide, exclusively and for the lifetime of the patent, licensing agreement with the University of Cyprus.

May: Selected as one of the twelve startups to pitch at the Wolves Summit (Wroclaw Poland) as part of the Ventures Thrive program.


May 23-25, 2023

Wolves Summit

We are very honored that IQ3SOLAR LIMITED was selected as one of the 12 team that will pitch at the Wolves Summit, on May 24, 2023 at Wroclaw, Poland. This is organized by Ventures Thrive. One of the themes of Ventures Thrive is Energy. As one of the companies that are involved in renewable energy and specifically in the early fault detection in Photovoltaic installations, IQ3SOLAR LIMITED fits right in the program


Operations & Maintenance and Asset Management for PV systems

Performance Monitoring of PV plants

Fully Customizable Solution to Serve the Needs of Each Customer


iQ3Solar LTD focuses to design an intelligent platform to give PV system operators information about the health-state condition of PV assets and insights on how to optimize PV parks performance and field operations.

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